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British Expats In Cyprus Staying Despite Brexit Vote

British Expats wish to stay in Cyprus                 Photo ©

The Brexit vote on 23 June has left it's mark on many communities, not just in the UK, but across the world. The fact that the UK is leaving the EU is sinking in and the blame game is still continuing.

British Expats in Cyprus, of which there are around 63,000, will be one of the communities affected by the Brexit vote. There has been a British Expat community in Cyprus for many, many years, going as far back as when servicemen, when they retired from duty in Cyprus, purchased old village stone houses to live in and enjoy their retirement.

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Brexit Vote To Hit Cyprus Tourism Revenue

Beach in Limassol, Cyprus     Photo ©

Cyprus is currently enjoying a boom year in tourist arrivals. It has benefited from a surge in tourist arrivals from the UK, it's biggest market. The tourist figures from the UK were in decline until a couple of years ago, as Cyprus had become too expensive compared to other destinations.

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British Expats In Cyprus Urged To Stay Calm Following Brexit Vote 

Brexit leave campaign wins                       Photo ©

The UK has become the first country to vote to leave the European Union. It is a milestone in the history of the European Union and has set a precedent.

There are many British Expats in Cyprus who are now wondering what happens next? Will they be kicked out of Cyprus? Will they need a permit to purchase a property? Will they need a visa to visit other EU countries? Just a few questions we have been asked.

The most important thing is to stay calm. British Expats in Cyprus are still the same persons, with the same rights, as before the Brexit vote. Nothing has changed, yet.

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Should All Inclusive Holidays Be Banned In Cyprus?

Many Cyprus hotels offer AI holidays           Photo ©

Cyprus has been enjoying a bumper tourist season this year. We have seen record numbers of tourist arrivals, with the largest increases coming from the UK and Russia.

The fact that there are many troubled spots around the region close by such as Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey, has forced tour operators to re direct holidays to Cyprus. The conflict between Turkey and Russia, where Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet, saw President Putin of Russia order all holidays to Turkey to be cancelled, with Cyprus hotels benefiting.

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