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Cyprus Photos

We travel to many parts of Cyprus and we have taken many photos of this beautiful island. We now have one of the largest databases of Cyprus photos. We are now offering these images free of charge to our private users and to the media, subject to certain conditions. If you would like to have more information on using our free images, please contact us here  We are posting a selection of our Cyprus photos here

British Expat Healthcare Abusers In Cyprus Fear Brexit

Cyprus Health Service                   Photo ©

There has been much discussion in the Brexit debate lately regarding the National Health Service. The leave campaign has stated that if Brexit happened, the National Health Service can save millions of pounds. The remain campaign has quickly come to the rescue of the National Health Service, saying that to safeguard the National Health Service, the UK must stay in the European Union.

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 Latest Breaking UK News

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British Expats Lose Fight To Vote In Brexit Referendum

British Parliament                         Photo ©

British Expats in Cyprus and elsewhere have been waiting for a decision from the Supreme Court regarding their claim that being excluded from voting in the European Union referendum was illegal.

British Expats that had left the UK more than 15 years ago, are excluded from voting in the referendum.

The Supreme Court has upheld the decisions of the earlier courts.

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Cyprus Pets - The Domestication Of The Dog

Information for Cyprus Expats on the domestication of the dog

Rottweiler                   Photo ©

To properly be able to understand the psychology and thought process of our dogs, we first need to learn how they ever came to be domesticated in the first place, because this tells us a very important detail about how our dogs learn and process information. 

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Brexit Could Result In The Break Up Of The European Union  

A Possible Brexit Looms                 Photo ©

Brexit could signal the start of 'EU deconstruction', international relations expert tells CNA

Should Britain decide to leave the European Union, this could cause a series of developments which are not all very easy to predict today, says Dr. Michalis Stavrinos, an international relations expert.

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency, he warns of a negative impact, both on a European level and with regard to the UK`s cohesion and notes that a Brexit would deal a blow to the European integration project, signaling the "beginning of a deconstruction".

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