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Cyprus News Round Up

United Nations                  Photo ©

28 September 2014

1. The British Ministry of Defence (MOD) has confirmed Saturday that Royal Air Force jets have flown from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus following Parliamentary approval on 26 September  to strike at Islamic State jihadists. An MOD spokesman said “we can confirm that Royal Air Force Tornados continue to fly over Iraq and are now ready to be used in an attack role as and when appropriate targets are identified”. According to news reports, Royal Air Force Tornado GR4 combat jets, armed with Paveway IV laser-guided bombs, took off from Akrotiri on Saturday morning.

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 Latest Breaking UK News

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Cyprus Expat Interviews Limassol Marina Management Team Member

Cyprus Expat interviewed a member of Limassol Marina management team, Mr Nikiforos Pampakas

Limassol Marina in Cyprus                Photo ©

 Q. You must be very proud to have finally seen the official opening of Limassol Marina. How long have you been involved with the project?

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British Cypriot Art Exhibition In London 04 November 2014

National Federation Of Cypriots In The UK

26 September 2014

Art in the Cypriot community: an exhibition by 8 prominent British Cypriot artists in the UK

Britannia Road, London, N12 9RU.
Tel: 020 8445 9999 Fax: 020 8445 9977

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Abolish The Breeding For & Use Of Beagles For Animal Experimentation In The UK

24 September 2014


Ancient medical reseach methods using animal experiments became popular in the Victorian era.  Absurdly these methods continued today in the 21st Century, but there is now overwhelming evidence that this abhorrent practice could be eliminated due to major advances in scientific research whereby more accurate and dependable results could be achieved by using this new technology without using Beagles.

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Make Sure When Selling A Car In Cyprus, The New Owners Name Is Registered

Model A Ford                               Photo ©

22 September 2014

This is a true story of what happens when you do not transfer a sold car to the new owners in Cyprus.

We wished to purchase another car, so we visited a few car dealers in Limassol. We eventually found our car and we agreed with the garage to part exchange our old car. The car we purchased was secondhand, not a new car and we were glad the garage took our old car, as we did not want to go through the hassle of selling it.

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